This collection of uniquely located, black and white children’s portraits, are paired with the simplicity of the child’s handwritten statement, conceived individually. This ongoing series provides a much-needed platform for young passionate voices, through the formal production of gallery sized works, aimed to heightening the perception of their importance.

From a child’s perspective, these statements combine to create an overall conversation of concern, hope, laughter, and love. Among the variety of topics, statements address issues of inequality, climate change, water, air and land pollution, homelessness, cancer, war, and drugs. Woven amongst these bolder statements, are heart warming statements of love and honest joys, surrounding family, play time and gelatos; reminiscent of requests for simplicity.

When We Speak refers to the age, as well as, the action of when we speak. Often, the children’s statements feel like a familiar memory, and question; When did we as adults lose focus of the same basic passions? The collection of portraits gives children a chance to openly share their thoughts, positive feedback, and bold suggestions. Specifically, hearing their intuitive, unedited, and uninhibited voices. Speaking mainly through their perception of the present and the future; the past emerges and shared memories of repeating conversations are discovered.

Handwritten statements on paper, combined with the portraits of this series, aim to communicate both individual thoughts and shared memories, reflective of the existing environments in which some conversations repeat with each new generation.

As the portraits were made, subjects were intentionally asked to hold their statements in mind, as though they were having a conversation with themselves, and conceivably me. As the images were captured, attempts on my part were made to remain neutral, as not to affect the outcome of their thoughts. Individuals were also asked if they had a location in mind, where they might like to record their statement. These sincere moments have passed, while the images remain as visible statements and reminders that these conversations existed.

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