When We Speak

  • I wish They were no forest fires, and I wish we had one side of first Nations land and they Get the other half. and I wish I had a time machine so I can go back in time.
  • why do people Kill animals
  • I would like to change how we flagrantly disregard the health of our planet to make a profit. Money is not worth more that the Earth.
  • We should stop fighting and help others instead of stealing and not helping others.
  • There is to much plastic. So many people say that it's a problem and everyone knows that it is, but nobody is doing anything.
  • I love sPaghetti and gellatos world!
  • If the world could hear you what would you say?
  • "in order to make the world around us a better place we need to stop being racist, sexist, homeafobic. We need to stop bullying in any form and start something new, peace and happiness."
  • No more war, No more poachers. No more guns and weapons.
  • Stop the use of fossile fuels and plastic too. If you've seen "WALLE" (a movie by pixar), you can tell that humans will destroy their world in the future. So changing the materials to make something else like plastic but durable, that would be better. So please stop the use of plastic and fossile fuels.
  • "World we should not as much garbage becuase it all ends up in a landfill or in/on the ground."
  • 2019 © Delaney Soumang, When We Speak
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