Paper Bag Halloween

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Paper Bag Halloween

Paper Bag Halloween is movement towards understanding and considering one’s own contributions towards environmental or social suffering. What is your acceptable level, and how has this changed over time? Paper Bag Halloween is an acknowledgement that change takes time; combined with a dedication to yearly incremental change.

Paper Bag Halloween began in October of 2021. The intent was to create an experience children would love and grow from. From 2019-2021, most of the fun and learning took place in our own home, while creating our experimental bags. In 2022 we are stepping up our commitment of incremental change, by sharing our motivations!

Our goal is to incrementally make progress as best we can over time, keeping the reality of economics, availability, and accessibility in mind.

- Learning about alternatives. (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)

- Reduce plastic packaging. (2020, 2021, 2022)

- Include non-candy treats. (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)

- Create a paper bag representative of your home. (2021, 2022)
   (Build community and appreciation through art.)

- Source locally made candy (2021)

- 100% Peanut free treats (2022)

- Make ingredients and process photos available. (2022)

- Get to know your neighbors and spread the word. Print free QR codes. (2022)

Over the coming years, the aim is to adjust our level of acceptability, the best we can.

Future changes might include sourcing locally made economical candy that is peanut and gluten free, eliminating unnecessary outer packaging, creating artistic treat alternatives, excluding palm oil, purchasing fair trade chocolate, introducing local bakery goods, or homemade goods.

We hope you enjoy this year’s treats and UV hand printed art! If you would like to join the movement, contact me, or follow this page. A free ‘instruction manual’ will be available for 2023. Or get started on your own! If you are an artist or local vendor looking to participate, please contact me!

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